Our BBQ set is possibly the most exciting addition to our Platinum hog roaster for sale! It completely transforms our hog roasting machines and really takes it up a notch. There’s nothing quite like a nice Barbie come the summer – the smells of sizzling sausages, the sunshine, the laidback vibes… now you can have a perfect barbeque that feeds hundreds! Great for large scale events like family dos and wedding receptions.

Our BBQ set features a barbeque plate that sits on top of our roasting machines. The doors that are usually used during the cooking process are hung on the sides of the machine. This allows for a large cooking surface, ready to BBQ a wide range of foods. Cook sausages, steaks, chicken, burgers, kebabs or grill fish. Heat comes from two burners that run the length of the machine. These can be thermostatically controlled to ‘perfect’ your BBQ heat and ensure nothing goes undercooked or gets burnt. Use the lower layer to keep your side dishes warm, from jacket potatoes to garlic bread. This accessory really ups the versatility of your machine.

Want to know more about our fabulous BBQ set? Give us a call. We’re experts in catering and are happy to help with any queries!