Hog Roast Kit

Hog Roast KitWhen it comes to additional accessories for our Platinum hog roaster for sale, the hog roast kit is a must buy – our most popular extension kit. This is effectively a large tray that sits in the upper cooking level of our roasters and it can be used to cook a range of food products but most commonly a hog! It uses two full length thermostatically controlled burners which gives you complete control over cooking temperatures.

Titan Hog RoastThe hog roast kit has massive capacity, just fill the tray as much as you want. You could easily roast a whole 70kg pig and 4 20kg pork joints all at one time and with a full size pig feeding around 300 people, you can cater for large crowds of guests at any one time. This accessory is also good for cooking other meats (beef, lamb, chicken) and roasting vegetables. You may choose to use the lower level to keep side dishes and sauces warm.

We’ve designed the hog roast kit to be super easy to use, even by the most novice of chefs. Once you’re main dish has been cooked, simply raise up the two support bars which will lift up the roasting tray into the service position. You’re now ready to carve!